Developmental Therapy


Developmental Therapy is a unique combination of Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, and Physiotherapy. We focus on developing Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social and Language milestones. We also teach Age-appropriate play and Self-care.

Special Education

 Group Special education for all children, with rapid prompting method for academics & Sun-rise sessions for interactive sessions to improve attention span and learning abilities.

Sensorial Education.

1] Exercises for practical life.
2] Language Development.

Dance Therapy & PBL

The Play-Based Learning sessions have a distinctive quality of being fun, creative and simple while helping the children achieve the required amount of coordination needed at their age which enhances their learning skills. It has been observed and proved that children exposed to these sessions show a remarkable improvement in their learning skills be it speech, body coordination, social skills, etc. Benefits of practicing dance therapy includes:



3.Personal autonomy

4.Links thoughts to feelings and actions.

5.Increasing adaptive behaviors, feelings & thoughts.

6.Connecting to the inner self.

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